We drank moderately, sampling each but downing only our

Good guide made trip that much more delicious

There are two things I love about Mexico; the sounds and the smells.

The sounds are mostly music. Everywhere. At all hours of the day and night.

But there nothing like the canada goose outlet store uk sweet and savoury smells of Mexican food. Fresh seafood, spicy peppers, and chocolate mole sauce blended together as you pass by Mexican homes, restaurants and even street vendors.

Street vendors. Not canada goose outlet online only do they smell good, they have long lineups of customers. But, should we?

Sure, we been to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico numerous times, cheap canada goose uk but eating street food was something my husband and I had never done. And yet there are many taco stands in Zona Romantica, the neighbourhood where we stay. Some of them have lineups of gringos, such as ourselves. Other stands are entirely populated by Mexicans.

How could canada goose outlet we choose where to eat?

It was our daughter who provided us with an answer. Courtney, who first drew us to Puerto Vallarta when she lived there several years ago, works with Tours by Locals, a Vancouver based company that connects travellers with tour guides all over the world.

Courtney sent me a link for a Puerto Vallarta street food and craft beer walking tour.

Already familiar with Puerto Vallarta and many of the restaurants, I contacted our future guide who created a tour offering exactly what we wanted.

Another great thing about Tours by Locals is that you can arrange the tour when you want it rather than having Canada Goose sale to go at a set time that canada goose outlet new york city not always convenient. We were also able to indicate how we wanted to get around and how much time we wanted to spend.

And with just four of us in our party, we liked goose outlet canada that we wouldn have to compete with a large group to ask questions. There be no ending up at the back of canada goose outlet sale a long line of tourists, unable to hear a scripted presentation.

With the trip finalized and paid for, including cancellation insurance that was returned as a credit at the end of the tour, we were set. An evening tour that would start canada goose jacket outlet with drinks at sunset, introductions to a variety of street foods and vendors and an evening out. We were getting a deal.

And so, we waited at the pier, trying to pick Rafael out from among the crowds meandering in canada goose Canada Goose Online factory outlet the area. I had a heads up, having seen his photo on the website and I spotted him first.

A small framed man wearing a big smile, a crisp white shirt and a Fedora straw hat, Rafael spoke excellent English as he reviewed what our tour would entail and asked if we wanted to change anything.

Then he led us along the malecon to a two storey, open air beach restaurant we often sat near but never ventured into. This is where beach vendors get the fish on canada goose outlet parka a stick they sell on the beach.

Rafael said we were correct in assuming food carried on the beach for long periods could contain bacteria. better to get it at the source, he said as he gave us the pescado en vara asado, a food that also been nicknamed pescado embarazado (pregnant fish).

We also had micheladas, a drink made with our only commercial beer of the tour. One story is that this cocktail was originally served to construction workers in Baha, California by Chinese immigrants. The Chinese themselves didn canada goose love the cold beer they served with ice so they began experimenting with their own ingredients, including soya and English sauces, lime juice and tajin (dried peppers).

Rafael inside knowledge of the food industry in Puerto Vallarta was a highlight of our tour. Not only did he grow up in a restaurant in Tecate, Mexico, he also a trained chef.

After drinks, we made our way to Los Muertos Brewery, a craft brewery we been to but only for their mildest beer. On this night, we sampled all seven of the craft beers available served in larger than normal flight glasses. We drank moderately, sampling each but downing only our favourites, as we needed to be able to walk on the infamous Mexican sidewalks. I particularly enjoyed a beer infused with chili.

Rafael told us it difficult for craft breweries to operate in Mexico due to the sparse availability of supplies. The large commercial companies have a monopoly so small breweries must get supplies shipped from the United States. This makes canada goose outlet reviews craft beer much https://www.fabulalitera.de more expensive than domestic brands but in this market of primarily Canadians and Americans they can do it.

Smelling Canada Goose Jackets the pizza baking in the Los Muertos ovens made us hungry, so we were happy to drink what we could and continue walking.

Street vendors in Puerto Vallarta are not only regulated and licensed by the city, they are inspected regularly. But some canada goose black friday sale are safer and serve higher quality food than others.

We learned good tacos should be priced from 13 40 pesos (.87 2.69 Canadian). And that we should make sure the vendor doesn use household ice. Since most Mexicans don have freezers, safe ice is purchased from local suppliers. The jugs from the suppliers are easily identifiable by colour.

for ice that is shaped like a cylinder or pipe or is in very small cubes. It comes from a machine that is double filtered, says Rafael.

He also suggests looking for two people working; one handling canada goose outlet food, the other handling money. If there only one person, he or she should use a plastic bag or glove to avoid touching the uk canada goose cash.

And most vendors will put a plate inside a plastic bag to provide a clean, sturdy surface for food, a help especially when you eating standing up.

Restaurants close to the ocean may be popular with tourists, but you pay more and be subjected to long waits. canada goose outlet And, in Rafael opinion, the food is nowhere near as good.

We learned about tortilla quality while passing the canada goose Canada Goose Parka outlet shop tortilla factory. Mid level tortillas such as those made in this factory are made with nixtamal (white corn), which is dried in the sun, then soaked overnight until it pops like wet popcorn. It then mixed with milk to make dough. Machines must be cleaned thoroughly each day to the corn mixture from drying like glue which would seize the machines.

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