They should know much more about the plans

Watch The Video for Week Six.31 January 1994Oymyakon to Susuman (Eastern Siberia, Russia)The heating in Truck 5 had failed. I pulled on my thermals with the intention of being an early riser but quickly jumped straight back into my bag to warm up.When I canada goose outlet uk canada goose uk sale did get out, we discovered that Deiter’s Mondeo L2 had stalled during canada goose outlet online uk the night. A stalagmite had grown from the exhaust and blocked it off, suffocating the engine.In minus 58, the car had then canada goose clearance frozen solid. Paul and Mark couldn’t even turn the steering wheel, move the gear stick, or depress the clutch when they came to it in the morning.However after a four kilometre tow start behind a Ural canada goose store Mondeo 2 was filmed coming alive back canada goose uk black friday from the dead after “freezing to death”.Oymyakon was soon to become the coldest filmset on earth. Peter Duncan took over proceedings realising that this was one of those moments that works on television.My main memory is of my hands freezing/burning on the three canada goose outlet of four occasions that I took off my gloves to get out my camera.By now I’ve taken to wearing my balaclava over my nose the whole time. It soon went white with frozen condensation and my eye lashes went white with condensation too. The woman I saw in a fur coat and cosmopolitan city type fur hat and her handbag slung over her shoulder.The valley we passed through that day was staggering and uplifting. I couldn’t help thinking of it as a high altitude Death Valley.A desert of snow.Kees and Richard took plenty of convoy shots and as tailend Charlie in Ural cheap canada goose No cheap canada goose 5, we always stopped when they did. This way I saw one buy canada goose jacket of the most memorable sunsets I’ve seen. Kees filmed it right to the end.The day finished sadly though. Dieter’s Mondeo eventually gave up the cheap canada goose uk ghost and had to be towed the last 100 kilometres into Susuman to the safety of a warm garage.1 February 1994Susuman (Eastern Siberia, Russia)I had decided on a meeting primarily to let people know the Mondeos would be going down to Magadan with Peter and Neil but also to follow up on the discussion about “discipline” still Valery’s pet subject.On my way out to it I was lobbied by Victor Karputchin and Volodya, both of whom argued that the Mondeos should go further, Volodya saying he was sure there was nothing really wrong with them, Victor frightened of losing “his” Mondeo.By the time I goose outlet canada arrived filming was in full swing and I could make out the first grumblings of a team that was getting more and more fed up with what they primarily were: passengers canada goose outlet black friday at worst, television personalities in the making at best. That was unfair on some as ever; Peter Duncan was there specifically for his experience in television and Doc Ford had no option but to be a passenger; Jeff and Victor were clearly much more capable than I was of justifying a place on this kind of expedition; Peter George was doing his best.But all of them wanted to do more canada goose now and were feeling immensely frustrated at the cotton wool approach of The Association. I wondered if they knew how much of that was of my doing. I was afterall the Chairman of the Association and hugely supportive of Stepan’s team.The time had definitely arrived, though, for more oil to be poured on troubled waters. I began the canada goose outlet jackets meeting with ‘The end of the Russian roads, the beginning of the expedition’. Two canada goose uk outlet Mondeos would be going off to Magadan with Peter and Neil. Two security and the two food guys would be leaving with them. There was a need for the team to take over those jobs and the time had come for them to help Paul and Mark much more as well.On their minds was lack of information. They should know much more about the plans. Deon suggested the English speakers should have a spokesman who spoke with Valery representing The Association and Volodya, the Ural drivers.Valery said there was too much talking, we needed canada goose outlet canada action and decisions. Jeff was quickly chosen as the spokesman before the meeting split up. The team went down to the cars and for the first time properly set to canada goose outlet in usa work.2 February 1994Susuman to Seymchan (Eastern Siberia, Russia)February 2ndOn the way down the apartment block stairs to the bus that was to take us to the cars, Peter told me that Paul was horrified both Mondeos were going. Especially now that he had repaired L2. I was canada goose outlet reviews clearly not popular.However L2 lost all power on the way to breakfast so we found another warm garage for Paul, Mark and Neil to work in and set off late on the last 300 kilometres of maintained roads.As we were to about to depart, I discovered Victor was already pretty drunk no doubt to drown his sorrows for the loss of his car.Vera offered to go in L1 with him. I ‘banned’ that on the grounds of an accident and stopped Rupert from going in it too. Victor led at the head of the convoy by himself. But I felt I was learning to understand him. Within 20 minutes he was asking for company so I volunteered myself.We went along the road that was built by the canada goose outlet new york city Zeks and past Stralka which was mentioned in Gulag Archipelago as a place where bodies canada goose factory outlet were piled six high in winter for burying in the summer.This place had an horrific history and, as if in acknowledgement of it, L2 gave up the ghost on the mountain pass to Seymchan.By the time we reached the warm garage, Paul was preparing to stay all night to repair L2. If he could, he felt he deserved to take it on further.

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