Some important ones to enforce

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Hermes Belt Replica Facebook Twitter Pinterest InstagramWhen your kid was just a tyke on a trike, keeping him safe was a snap: He was never out of your sight and he probably liked his little helmet with the frogs on it. Now that he’s older maybe even old enough to take a solo spin around the neighborhood you may have to upgrade the rules. Some important ones to enforce, whether your kid’s ride of choice is a bike, scooter, or skateboard:Cushion His Joints Elbow, knee, and wrist pads are a must for skateboarders; scooter riders should strap on everything except wrist guards (they make it tough to turn the handles).Don’t Skirt the Issue Long, loose clothing, including dresses and wide legged pants, can get caught in bike chains or wheel spokes.Cover His Feet Bare tootsies and flip flops are fine for the pool, but sturdy shoes or sneakers are better for gripping bike pedals and scooter platforms, and they’ll protect toes in case of a wipeout.Ditch Distractions That means headphones, floppy hats, scarves, dangly jewelry, and anything else that might keep your kid from seeing and hearing everything that’s going on around him.Wear a Helmet No hermes replica belt discussion: The baseball cap comes off and the helmet goes on Hermes Belt Replica.

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