Most of these novae explode about once every 10 years

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WFIRST ain your grandma space telescope. Despite having the same size mirror canada goose uk shop as the surprisingly reliable Hubble Space Telescope, clocking in at 2.4 meters across, this puppy canada goose outlet toronto factory will pack a punch with a gigantic 300 megapixel camera, enabling it to buy canada goose jacket cheap snap a single image with an area a hundred times greater than the Hubble.

With that fantastic camera and the addition of official canada goose outlet one of the most sensitive coronagraphs ever made letting it block out distant starlight on a star by star basis this next generation telescope will uncover some of the deepest mysteries of the cosmos.

A nova star is like a Canada Goose Jackets vampire that siphons gas from its binary partner. As it does so, the gas is compressed and heated, canada goose outlet nyc and eventually it explodes. The remnant gas shell from that explosion expands outward and is lit up by the stars at the center of it all. Most of these novae explode about once every 10 years.

But now astrophysicists have discovered one remnant so large that the star that created it must have been erupting yearly for millions of years.

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Staring into the Darkness

The expansion of our universe is accelerating. Every single day, the distances between galaxies grows ever greater. And canada goose factory sale what more, that expansion rate is getting faster and faster that what it means to live in a universe with accelerated expansion. This strange canadian goose jacket phenomenon is called dark energy, and was first spotted in surveys of distant supernova explosions about twenty years ago. Since then, multiple independent lines of evidence have all come to the same morose conclusion: the universe is Canada Goose online getting fatter and fatter faster and faster.

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How fast is the canada goose outlet reviews Universe expanding? That a question that astronomers haven been able to answer accurately. They have a name for the expansion rate of the Universe: The Hubble Constant, or Hubble Law. But measurements keep coming up with different values, and astronomers have been debating back and forth on this cheap canada goose issue for decades. But no matter how astronomers do it, they can come up with an agreed canada goose outlet canada upon value, only canada goose store a range of values. A new study involving quasars and gravitational lensing might help settle the issue.

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We need to talk about the dark ages. No, notthose dark ages canada goose outlet black friday after canada goose outlet store uk the fall of the western Roman Empire. The cosmological dark ages. The time in our universe, billions of years ago, before the formation of the first stars. And we need to talk about the cosmic dawn: the birth of those first stars, canada goose outlet store a tumultuous epoch that completely reshaped the face the cosmos into its modern form.

Those first goose outlet canada stars may have been completely unlike anything we see in the present universe. That the Milky Way, Bouncing off the Moon in Radio Waves

The universe wasn always such a well lit place. It had its own Dark Ages, back in the days before stars and galaxies formed. One of the big questions in astronomy concerns how stars and galaxies shaped the very early days of the Universe. The problem is, there no visible light travelling through the Universe from this time period.

Now, a team of astronomers led by Dr. In addition to making extra solar planets very difficult to directly image, this problem also intrudes on surveys of the local Universe, where astronomers are unable to detect dwarf and isolated galaxies because of all the canada goose coats on sale brighter ones surrounding them.

Because of this, astronomers are canada goose factory outlet unable to do a full inventory of small galaxies in the volume of space surrounding the Milky Way (aka. the Local Volume). However, thanks to the efforts of an amateur astronomer and an international team of scientists, a dwarf spheroidal galaxy was recently discovered lurking behind the Andromeda Galaxy. The discovery of this object, named Donatiello I, could help astronomers learn more about the process of galaxy formation.

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