It wasn until his 5th+ accuser stepped forward that some

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uk canada goose outlet I believe her as much as I believe Christine Ford. Just because she has a story that furthers my agenda doesn mean I can look past the fact that she has no proof at all. We not any better than they were if we suddenly believe some story like this.You cannot give one woman the power to veto an election with a story that she could have completely made up. Yes, it consistent with his other actions for which there is proof, but to allow her 15 minutes canada goose junior uk of fame on this will come back to bite us later.No proof, no 15 minutes. From either side. There are enough videos that we don need unproven buy canada goose jacket cheap allegations.In terms of Kavanaugh, the supposed event happened, and then for the next 30 Years, literally no one came out with any allegations that he did anything akin to what Ford was accusing him of. He volunteered for women sports team, he hired tons of women, and not a single allegation. People who did what Ford accuse him of would likely repeat the same actionsIn terms cheap canada goose womens jackets of Biden however, there are tons of videos of him acting canada goose and black friday incredibly creepy, to both grown women and young women.That not to say that we should crucify him without any evidence, however, this is 100 times more believable than Ford allegationsTake a look for yourselfI agree, we need to be critical of accusations like Blasey Ford, but unlike that case, Biden has publically been inappropriatte with women of all ages for years in plain sight. I yet to see any pictures of Kavanaugh hammered or being inappropriate with women, and the inforamtion from his yearbook was from over 30 years ago, canada goose outlet boston we seen nothing of the sort since he been in the public spotlight. Biden on the other hand has been captured being inappropriate with women for years now, including when he was VP of the country. This accusation isn radical, it clearly narrates whats already been captured on film. I NOT being skeptical. I establishing a standard going forward. That means the NEXT Kavennaugh accuser should be held to the same standard.I not an idiot. I know all about Creepy Joe. Any conservative has been bombarded with this information. It wasn until his 5th+ accuser stepped forward that some Democrats started to turn on him. And really by canada goose parka outlet uk that point it was just because accusers kept stepping forward and it kept the story canada goose outlet chicago in the headlines, if the accusers had stopped coming forward he wouldn have lost support. Just look at VA for an example of what I mean. Governor gets caught in either black face or wearing a KKK uniform? It stayed in the papers for a week or two but since no new photos surfaced he still in office and the story has mostly run its course in the papers.The Lt. Gov accused of raping a woman? No problem, it wasn a steady canada goose outlet uk review trickle of accusers like with Franken so once canada goose outlet store winnipeg again the story cycled out of the news and most people have already forgotten about it.Don even pretend Al Franken was held to anywhere near the same standards a Republican would have been held to in similar situations. Hence, conservatives shouldn’t come up with a rape hoax the next time the Dems nominate a canada goose black friday 2019 uk justice, and we shouldn’t try and slam Biden for behaving inappropriately at an event.Now if you want to point out the hypocrisy, that’s completely different. I’m totally in cheap canada goose favor of using this if liberals were to go at a conservative for doing something similar as a means to point out hypocrisy. However, I don’t think this is something we should make a huge issue out of uk canada goose outlet.

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