Basic mapping became such a chore when it was implemented

canada goose uk outlet My play time per session has gone down significantly as content has dispersed into different areas canada goose uk outlet

Canada Goose sale It feels impossible to set a goal and stick to it in a way that feels natural. Canada Goose sale

cheap canada goose uk I play this game for the relaxing properties (plus the gambling high of course), and recently I been playing for an hour or so, opening up my atlas, delve chart, then syndicate map, and end up exiting the game in favor of something a bit more “focused”. cheap canada goose uk

I really want to be able to set objectives within the game and be able to reach them without a ton of other content getting in the way. A few examples: Temple is ready to open, Syndicate Wing ready to canada goose outlet usa run, Delve Fuel is maxed out, you have TEN memories now.

The mindset seems to be: use them or lose them. And I can imagine being a player who didn participate in these leagues and being thrown at all of them at once.

canada goose clearance sale I know this has been suggested before, but I want to re iterate that I love to be able to focus canada goose uk black friday on a single (or a few) objectives canada goose down jacket uk at a time. For example: canada goose clearance sale

canada goose uk shop Atlas completion + building a map pool early in the league. canada goose uk shop

canadian goose jacket Incursion if I want to push a double corrupt or just a general rewarding experience with maps/currency drops. canadian goose jacket

Delve if I want to mindlessly run through tunnels, canada goose outlet locations kill monsters, and collect loot.

Invasion if I want to add quality to an item, add a mod to an item, or upgrade a breachstone, etc.

Canada Goose Parka There so much great content in PoE right now. But it all feels so disconnected now that I can quite reach a point of flow state. Canada Goose Parka

canada goose store Here a suggestion since I only been complaining: When an atlas cheap canada goose objective is completed. It should immediately re appear with a 50% chance of going to the next tier (if you have a map unlocked in that tier). Maybe once per day let us “reset” the map through the master just in case we don have one at hand. Also if 3 5 maps have been run, relocate the master mission (with a 50% chance of it going to the tier below). This means that if someone focuses on an objective it should stay within those tiers. And if they let it sit for a while it will take a bit of time to ramp up again as the objectives reach lower and lower buy canada goose jacket cheap tiers. I can play delve as much as I want, or just map in peace, I have to spend an absurd percentage of my time managing all my mechanics just to stay competitive and actually MAKE currency instead of losing it when running maps. canada goose store

Last league, I was swimming in my elder orb T16 map. This league, doing the SAME EXACT THING, I barely breaking even, and having much less fun doing all the different content. The fact is that Synthesis and Betrayal are simply not fun. Betrayal league was still popular because of all the other changes. When GGG releases a bad league, but forces it down our throats, that makes it cheap canada goose new york that much worse.

These leagues keep getting more and more complex and absurd. You canada goose outlet las vegas need a PHD to understand crafting in Synthesis. However, the fatigue started with the Atlas in v2.4. Basic mapping became such a chore when it was implemented. It only gotten worse as they forcefully stuffed more content into the game.

If you not self incarcerated in SSF prison, basic mapping is the one unavoidable activity that regularly pulls you out of the game. Buying +1 maps to keep unlock progression going is a very common occurrence. But the thing that gets me the most is it seems like I never have a map I need.

canada goose coats on sale Whether it for a master mission, to canada goose outlet black friday hit up Shaper/Elder influence, to go after Elder guardians, to upgrade the Pantheon, to complete a prophecy, or to vendor up to a +1, the maps I need are somehow not in my bank most of canada goose gilet uk the time. canada goose factory outlet And I not even stingy about it; I generally go for full completion and pick up every map that drops. That somehow not enough. canada goose coats on sale

canada goose uk black friday Ever since the Atlas came about my play time (and thus money spent) has gone down. The core of PoE endgame became RNG gated in a terrible way, and with all the other stuff that happened since, I find it hard to want to bother anymore canada goose uk black friday.

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