Ce voi vizita in Viena

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1 Dec 2015


Sambata aceasta am primit cea mai frumoasa veste de la mama. Aceasta mi-a spus ca a cumparat bilete de avion catre Austria, pentru toata familia, si spera ca nu am alte planuri de sarbatori. Eram in culmea fericirii, cand am auzit. Chiar nu aveam nimic in plan pentru sarbatori, de Craciun, si cu siguranta singura, nu cred ca mi-as fi permis o vacanta in strainatate in…

Ei bine pe moment, nici nu am realizat, ca nu am intrebat si unde mai exact in Austria. Atunci mama mi-a spus ca a luat bilete de avion cu destinatia Viena. Si totusi eram curioasa, cum de si-a permis, sa cumpere bilete pentru toata lumea, mai exact pentru patru persoane, si atunci am aflat ca aceasta a intrat pe Aerolines.ro, unde a prins o oferta de nerefuzat. Read the rest of this entry »

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The one bright https://www.outletcanadagoose.biz spot for Americans: vacations to Europe are now much cheaper. Thanks to the currency shift, travelers will pay less for hotel rooms, museum admissions and meals out.

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canadian goose jacket They hit the key point, without using jargon. N tThey’re energetic. Your understated enthusiasm should shine through. McDonald’s Corp., for example, did not take as much of a hit to its profits from exchange rates as Burger King because Mickey D’s has locations in many countries, some of which may have seen their currencies canada goose uk office strengthen against the dollar. Burger King, meanwhile, does a lot of business in Germany and Britain, where currencies have weakened canada goose outlet jackets against the greenback. (and, in many cases, great deals for Americans buying foreign goods).. canadian goose jacket

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