Meanwhile this guy regularly reaches the front page

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canada goose uk shop Tbh if the game had a separate game mode for “verified members” costing 10 dollars and a verification process via phone. it would help official canada goose outlet atleast somewhat in the long run. No matter how good your anti cheat is, if it doesn’t ban them immediately, they can just create more free accounts and ruin lobbies.They need better anticheat yes, easyanticheat blows, but on top of that, I’d be willing to pay some money to play the game. Like the post with 3 guys that dropped in on a cheater. He was dropping in fast, so they knew he was cheating. And they recorded how the canada goose jacket outlet store 3 of them killed him. And I Think it was Jayfresh that commented with. “Nice Job, hes banned.” Or something along those lines. But all i seen from this guy is uk canada goose store him in the champ screen. It happens in instances where someone is in a party with another player and doesn canada goose outlet los angeles load into the selection at the same time. The player is left canada goose outlet at the Play Apex screen, the game has them loaded canada goose womens uk in but on that player screen they aren actually loaded in. So when they actually load in it is usually too late to pick and the game defaults them to the legend they had defaulted.This guy is a fucking hero. I made countless of high (to low) effort posts about cheating on this subreddit while Asia, South East Asia and Oceania was getting raped by the Chinese plague, warning people that if nothing is done it will spread to NA/EU and the game will slowly die. Those posts canada goose outlet website legit got down voted to oblivion by people saying stuff like “I have played 100h of Apex and never seen a cheater, you just bad”, just ignoring the fact that they were playing in NA or EU. Meanwhile this guy regularly reaches the front page. So it working.This guy is bringing more attention to a HUGE issue that NEEDS to be addressed not only with one liners such as “we working on it, don want to say how though”. That is a slap int he face, it needs to be acknowledged by Respawn that they failed HORRIBLY to predict something everyone could have predicted and having measures in place to combat it.People acted as if banning 500k accounts (non verified number) and adding a report system was a really good job by Respawn when in fact a free to play game can never successfully rely on manual (or automated, based on manual reports) bans to combat cheaters. You need a anti cheat that can detect and canada goose cap uk ban people, everything else is not helping the issue at all when the game is free to play.I wish more people did what he did so that Respawn have to make a public statement about the state of the game and it cheaters and letting us know what they are doing to combat it. Part of the fun is getting away with something so egregiously broken and frustrating for others. A huge part of it is because they get threads like this dedicated to canada goose decoys uk their name.”It’s fun to see how people will react. You stir up a shitstorm and you don’t have to do anything else It’s the same reason I stream snipe really. You see the reaction There’s people that are indifferent, joking, angry, et cetera. But the best ones aren’t when they get mad, even though that’s funny to see as well. It’s best when I can see that this person doesn’t take it seriously, or becomes curious. It’s interesting to see how people react to certain things, because it really goes both ways.”So either everyone says nothing and let them get away with it, or everyone is upset and fuels their ego. They effectively running VMs to hide their true HWID so it all faked hardware. if that hardware gets banned, they just roll new hardware. I not sure how their accounts are retained long term since if they get banned their account should have been locked and deleted (locked to prevent taking the name again, eventually they run out of permutations).Zero Recoil/Sway is one of the most used in most FPS games, as it nearly impossible to detect, even when spectating. In the past some mouse software/macros even helped reduce your recoil/sway in Counter Strike. I spectated him and his aim was incredible (not perfect though, didn look like the hacking I seen) but the craziest thing was he seemed to know EXACTLY where everyone was. Like he was on the walls of relay with an entire squad beneath him, and would pop up, empty a clip, crouch to heal for 10 seconds, and pop up and immediately start shooting canada goose uk outlet to where the other guy had moved to during those 10 seconds. the chinese publishers usually nail the cheaters by going straight for the throat and jailing the cheat creators.threatening legal action in the us / eu canada goose uk / wherever else should be good enough after that. im sure ea has more than enough lawyers to bombard some dudes trying to make quick money via selling cheats canada goose uk shop.

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