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Speech to Conservative Party Conference FULL TEXT

At the Conservative Party Conference held in Manchester, England, Canada cheap canada goose Goose sale Prime Minister David Cameron spoke about canada goose outlet jackets the need to end against vocational education and expressed hope that the country could end the between public and private education. Better educational outcomes, argued Cameron, will result in driving the economic recovery and stability that the United Kingdom desperately needs, and broad community participation in shared goals will influence those outcomes positively.

The full text of Cameron speech is below:

This week, in Manchester, this party has shown the discipline, the unity, and the purpose that is the canada goose outlet sale mark of a party of government. I’m proud of my team, I’m proud of our members, I’m proud to lead this party but most of all, I’m proud of you.

People have very clear instructions for this government:

“Lead us out of this economic mess.”

“Do it in a way that’s fair and right.”

“And as you Canada Goose Jackets do it, make sure you build something worthwhile for us and our children.”

Clear instructions. Clear objectives. And from me: a clear understanding that in these difficult times, it is leadership we need. To get our economy moving. To get our society working, and in a year the Olympics year when the world will be watching us, to show everyone what Great Britain really means.

But first I want to say something to you in this hall. Thank you. Despite the predictions we won elections all over the country this May, so let’s hear it for those great campaigns you fought and the great results you achieved.

And thank you for something else. In the AV referendum, cheap canada goose you did Britain a service and kicked that useless voting system off the political agenda for decades to come.

And next year let’s make sure we back Boris, beat Ken and keep London Conservative. You’re not just winners you’re doers.

This summer, as before, Conservatives went to Rwanda to build classrooms, teach children and help grow businesses. Social action: that is the cheap canada goose uk spirit of the modern Conservative Party.

This is a party ours is canada goose outlet toronto factory a country that never walks on by. Earlier this year some people said to me: “Libya’s not our concern”, “don’t start what you can’t finish”, and even “Arabs don’t do democracy.” But if we had stood aside this spring, people in Benghazi would have been massacred. And don’t let anyone say this wasn’t in our national interest. Remember what Qadhafi did. He’s the man who gave Semtex to the IRA, who was behind the shooting of a police officer in a London square, who was responsible for the bombing of a plane in the skies over Lockerbie. Let’s be proud of the part we played in giving the Libyan people canada goose outlet online uk the chance to take back their country.

In Afghanistan today, there are men and women fighting for Britain as bravely official canada goose outlet as any in our history. They come from across our country: England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland. They now have the canada goose outlet nyc equipment they need. And we’re on target to bring them home by the end of 2014.

Theirs has been a campaign of incredible courage and sacrifice, and I know everyone in this hall will want to send a message to everyone who serves and canada goose factory outlet who have served. Those in uniform in our armed forces and in our police. And those not in canadian goose jacket uniform, keeping us safe from terrorism on our streets.

We’re proud of you. We salute you. Thank you.

But leadership in the world is about moral strength as much as military might. A few months ago I was in Nigeria, on a trade mission. While I was there, I visited a vaccination clinic. It was very hot, pretty basic and the lights kept going off.

But to the rows of women, cuddling their babies, this place was a godsend. One of the nurses told me that if it wasn’t for British aid, many of those beautiful babies would be dead. In four years’ time, this country will have helped vaccinate more of the world’s poorest children than there are people in the whole of England.

Of course, we’ll make sure your money goes to the people who need it most, and we’ll do it in a way that’s transparent and accountable. But I really believe, despite all our difficulties, that this is the right thing to do. That it’s a mark of our country, and our people, that we never turn our backs on the world’s poorest, and everyone in Britain can be incredibly proud of it.

Leadership in fighting poverty. Leadership in fighting tyranny. But when it came to that decision to help the Libyan people, there was something dispiriting about the debate here at home. canada goose outlet parka It wasn’t that some people thought we shouldn’t do what we did of course it’s everyone’s right to disagree.

It was that too many canada goose store thought Britain actually couldn’t do something like that any more. And you hear that kind of pessimism about canada goose jacket outlet our economic future, our social problems, our political system. That our best days are behind us. That we’re on a path of certain decline.

Well I’m here to tell you that it isn’t true. Of course, if we sit around and hope for the best, the rest will leave us behind. If we fool ourselves that we can grow our economy, mend our society, give our children the future we want them to have. If we fool ourselves buy canada goose jacket cheap that we can do these things without effort, without correcting past mistakes, without confronting vested interests and failed ideas, then no, we’re not going to get anywhere.

But if we put in the effort, correct those mistakes, confront those vested interests and take on the failed ideas of the Canada Goose Parka past, then I know we can turn this ship around.

Nobody wants false optimism. And I will never pretend canada goose coats there are short cuts to success. But success will come: with the right ideas, the right approach, the right leadership. Leadership from government: to set out the direction we must take, and the choices we must make. But leadership also from you. Because the things that will really deliver success are not politicians or government. It’s the people of Britain, and the spirit of Britain.

Some say that to succeed in this world, we need to become more like India, or China, or Brazil. I say: we need to become more like us. The real us. Hard working, pioneering, independent, creative, adaptable, optimistic, can do. That’s the spirit that has made this United Kingdom what it is: a small country that does great things; one of the most incredible success stories in the history of canada goose outlet canada the world.

And it’s a spirit that’s alive and well today. I see it in Tania Sidney Roberts, the head teacher I met in Norwich who started a free school from scratch, now four times over subscribed. Her ambition? To set up another school and do it all over again. That’s leadership.

I see it in the group of GPs in Bexley who have taken more control of their budgets, and got their patients some of the poorest in the country free care on Harley Street. Their ambition? To cut waiting times, cut costs and improve care all in one go. That’s leadership.

And we all saw it this summer. Dan Thompson watched the riots unfold on television. But he didn’t sit there and say ‘the council will clean it canada goose outlet up.’ He got on the internet. He sent out a call. And with others, he started a social movement.

People picked up their brooms and reclaimed their streets. So the argument I want to make today is simple: leadership works. I know how tough things are. I don’t for one minute underestimate how worried people feel, whether about making ends meet, or the state of the world economy. But the truth is, right now we need to be energised, not paralysed by gloom and fear.

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